Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication Ethics of Indonesian Journal of Energy

The following statements are based on the COPE’s Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

Author(s) Responsibilities

Submission Fee

The IJE does not charge any fee for authors to submit and publish their manuscript in IJE. The IJE will never request for any form of payment as part of the submission process. Therefore, please be vigilant of fraudulent activity if you receive a communication or email regarding the IJE, supposedly from IJE. In addition, the IJE also provides free access (free download) for everyone.


The authorship of the article must be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the article. Those parties must be included as the co-author(s) and the others must be recognized accordingly. There is no limit to the numbers of the co-authors. In addition, the corresponding author must ensure that the other co-author(s) has read and agreed on the final version of the article before sending it to the IJE for publication. 

Revision and Correction

The author(s) should always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed. The author(s) are obliged to participate in the peer-review process, in the sense that the author(s) must revise their paper accordingly.

Fundamental Errors in Published Works

If the author(s) finds any fundamental errors in the article that has been published, the author(s) must notify the editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or revise the article accordingly.

Acknowledgment of Sources

The author(s) must cite all publications used in the article. Information obtained from a third party (interview, discussion, etc.) can not be used without the third party’s consent. Please follow the author’s guidelines here

Multiple, Redundant or Concurrent Publication

The author(s) is not allowed to publish articles that present the same research results to other publishers.

Reporting Standards

The author(s) must present articles that can be accounted for. The data presented in the article must be accurate. An article has to be equipped with detailed data and relevant sources. The author guidelines for the manuscript can be found here.

Originality and Plagiarism

The author(s) has to make sure that all citations have been done correctly and adhered to the citation rules. Please refer to the author guidelines for the manuscript here.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

The author(s) should disclose in the article if there are any conflicts of interest that could affect the results or interpretation in the article, including any financial support.


Fair Play

The editorial team has to evaluate the received article based on the intellectual content of the article without considering the race, gender, religion, ethnic, sexual orientation, nationality, or political views of the author(s).


The editorial team must not disclose any information of the submitted article to other parties, except the corresponding author, reviewers, other editorial advisers and publishers, accordingly.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

The editorial team is prohibited from using the unpublished material in the article without any written consent from the author(s). The editorial team who has the potential of conflicts of interest, for example, competition, family relationship, or other relationships, should not be involved in the editorial process.

Publication Decisions

The editorial team is responsible for deciding which article submitted to the journal will be published. This decision is a joint decision between any parties that worked with the IJE editorial team. The decision must be based on the validity of work and its contribution to the research and readers.

Review of Manuscripts

The Editor in Chief/Deputy Editor in Chief/Editorial Assistant of IJE has to ensure that any manuscript has been evaluated for its originality. The editor assistants have to inform the author(s) regarding the peer review process and which parts of the journal are peer reviewed.  The Editorial Assistant will give the manuscript to the appropriate associate editor. Associate Editor has to assign the appropriate peer reviewer based on his/her expertise and to avoid those with any conflicts of interest.

Before publishing the journal, editorial assistant will do a final check in the journal if there are any minor mistakes made in the process. If the mistakes are minor, then we will correct them. However, if the mistakes found are a major mistake, we will resend the journal to the corresponding author for correction.

Involvement and Cooperation in Investigation

The editorial assistant has to provide a responsible response regarding any complaints of the sent/published article. The response includes verify the complaints contacting the author and delivering the message of complaints, or to further communicate with the related institution. Editor could make a correction, withdraw, or notification if the complaint is not followed up accordingly.

Revision and Correction

Editors should always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Allegation of Research Misconduct

Editor will contact the author(s) if there are any allegations of misconduct from other parties. We will ask the author(s) to check the journal and ask for revision if needed. And then, we will publish the journal if the issues have been solved.


Contribution to Editorial Decisions

The reviewers assist the editor in making editorial decisions and to improve the quality of the article.


The reviewer should contact the editor immediately if the reviewer could not examine the article in time.

Standards of Objectivity

The reviewer must express his/her comments clearly, with supporting arguments. Personal criticism to the author is not acceptable.

Peer-Review Process

A manuscript submitted to the IJE should be at least reviewed by two peer reviewers. The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Assistants will choose an Associate Editor based on the scope of the manuscript and request for at least two reviewers. After the review process has been completed, the Associate Editor would take the final decision on each manuscript by taking into consideration all the comments from the reviewers.

IJE requires all the submitted manuscripts to follow a double-blind peer review by appropriate, well-qualified and responsible reviewers that have been chosen by the Associate Editor. IJE will not reveal the identity of reviewers to the author(s) and cover any identifying marks to maintain the reviewer’s anonymity, or vice versa. 

For more information, you may check our review process here.

Fair Play

The reviewer has to evaluate the received article based on the intellectual content of the article without considering the race, gender, religion, ethnic, sexual orientation, nationality or political views of the author(s).

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

Unpublished material in the article is prohibited to be used by the reviewer for his/her own research without permission from the author.

Acknowledgment of Sources

The reviewer should identify relevant sources that have not been cited properly by the author(s). Reviewers should also inform the editor if there are any similarities with the other articles of which they know.


Any article to be reviewed must be treated as confidential. Reviewer is not allowed to show or discuss the article with another party, except with the editor.


Publishing Schedule

Publisher will publish the journal twice a year in the last week of February and August by the PYC.

Website Management

Publisher has responsibilities in maintaining the overall website, including updating the information, announcement, guideline, etc. 


Every journal that has been completely reviewed by the reviewers and editors should be formatted as shown in our author guideline

Research Misconduct

Before publishing of the journal occurs, we will check any research misconduct that may appear. If we find any research misconduct in the journal, we will not publish the journal until further revision. The journal could be published on a later schedule.

Revision and Correction

Publisher is always willing to publish corrections and retractions when needed.

Allegation of Misconduct

Publisher will retract temporarily if there are any allegations regarding misconduct from other parties. We will publish the journal if the issues have been solved.