Author Guidelines



Ethics in Publishing

Before submit your paper, please read the Indonesian Journal of Energy Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statements here. The statements outline the duties and responsibilities of the author(s) as well as authorship issues: originality, conflict of interest, etc. Please make sure that you comply with the statements when you submit your paper to the journal. 


When you submit your paper, you are expected to sign our copyright transfer agreement form. If your paper is selected for publication, then you will transfer the copyright of your manuscript to IJE. Where necessary, you must obtain permission to publish material protected by copyright.

Author(s) Rights

For the rights of the author to reuse his/her work, please refer to our Publication Ethics and Policy page.


The manuscript must use good and grammatically correct English. The use of poor English can result in your manuscript rejection. When needed, you can use the help of English writing tools such as Grammarly or a professional translator or editor.

In addition, please use inclusive language. Inclusive language means acknowledgment of diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. Author(s) should ensure that writing is free from bias, stereotypes, slang, a reference to the dominant culture and/or cultural assumptions. Please refrain from using descriptors that refer to personal attributes such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability or health condition unless they are necessary, relevant and valid. These guidelines are not exhaustive or definitive by no means and are meant to guide you in the writing process.


New Submissions

Submissions to this journal is conducted by online system. You are required to create a new account and drop your manuscript in the upload box. The system only accepts .DOCX and .PDF files. Please note that uploaded files are not exceed than 10 MB. If this happen, please upload your figure separately.

Peer Review

A manuscript submitted to the IJE will be reviewed by at least two peer reviewers. The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Assistants will choose an Associate Editor based on the scope of the manuscript and request Associate Editor for minimum two reviewers. After the review process has been completed, the Associate Editor would take the final decision on each manuscript by taking into consideration all the comments from the reviewers.

IJE requires all the submitted manuscripts to follow a double-blind peer review by appropriate, well- qualified and responsible reviewers whom have been chosen by the Associate Editor. IJE will not reveal the identity of reviewers to the author(s) and cover any identifying marks to maintain the reviewer’s anonymity, or vice versa.

Evaluation Criteria

The review form will be attached using .pdf format with the manuscripts from the Publisher’s email. In your review, please consider the following aspects as you evaluate the overall quality of the manuscript:

  1. Background: the rationale of the study/research
  2. Methods: the appropriateness of methods
  3. Results: the presentation result
  4. Conclusion: the conclusions, result analysis, and interpretations
  5. Assessment of the overall manuscript, including:
    • Importance: Is the content important to the relevant field?
    • Originality: Does the paper present new ideas?
    • Organization: Are the ideas organized in a logical sequence?
    • Reference: Do the references represent authoritative sources of information?

Evaluation results

There are four recommendations that can be chosen by the reviewers and Associate Editor after the evaluation:

  1. Accept without revision
  2. Minor revision
  3. Major revision
  4. Rejected 

The “Accept without revision” means that the manuscript will be prepared into a publication format. For “Minor revision”, revised submission will only be reviewed by the Associate Editor. For a “Major revision”, revised submission will be given to the reviewers again. Meanwhile, For  “Rejected”  revised submissions will follow the review process from the beginning again.

Revised Submissions

Revised manuscripts will be informed through email. Regardless of the initial submission file type, you should provide us with an editable file after you have revised. To avoid unnecessary errors,  you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-check' and 'grammar-check' functions of your word processor.


For more information about the paper template, please click here.