Peer Review Policy

Peer Review

A manuscript submitted to IJE will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Assistants will choose an Associate Editor and request this Associate Editor for providing a minimum of two appropriate, well-qualified and responsible reviewers. After the review process has been completed, the Associate Editor would take the final decision on each manuscript by taking into consideration all the comments from the reviewers.

IJE requires all the submitted manuscripts to follow a double-blind peer review by reviewers whom have been chosen by the Associate Editor. IJE will not reveal the identity of reviewers to the Author(s) and cover any identifying marks to maintain the reviewer’s anonymity. IJE will also remain the anonymity of Author(s) identitity to Associate Editor and reviewers.

Please be aware that the Editor-in-Chief/Deputy Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Assistants retain the right to edit your manuscript to correct any spelling or syntax errors, to conform to requirements of in-house style and on occasion to enhance expressions or clarify meaning.