Privacy Statement

This privacy statement defines our purpose for gathering your personal information and how we use it. This privacy statement is only applied for Indonesian Journal Energy.

Information that We Gathered 

The information you provide will be recorded in our database. Here is the following information that we ask from you.         


As your personal identity, we record your name. It allows us to distinguish you from the others (author/reviewer/associate editor). 


Our journal authors, reviewers and associate editors could come from any fields and institutions. We use this information to map out the origin of our journal authors, reviewers and associate editors. In addition, we could consider starting cooperation between our journal and our author’s affiliation. It could be in the form of paper writing for our journal or to disseminate our journal to your affiliation.


This information allows us to identify the origin of our authors, reviewers, and associate editors. 

Email address

Your email address will be used as a contact point, where we could reach you in regards to the peer-review process or to convey another information related to publisher of Indonesian Journal of Energy. We use every email that have been registered in our email database. We use the email to disseminate our journal publication and to announce our publisher events, such as call for paper, paper competition, seminar, conference, our publisher newsletter, etc.

Information Sharing to Other Parties

It is our first and utmost commitment not to share the information we have collected to other parties in any forms. Information that we have obtained will only be used for our journal publication and our publisher’s events.